Moussa’s Bissap The mixbox 250×24


The Original

High in antioxidants, vitamin C, riboflavin, iron & niacin Moussa’s Bissap supports your heart, reduces hyperten- sion, prevents bladder infec- tions, cleanses kidneys, helps controlling cholesterol and alleviates your hangover.

Ginger Fever

High in antioxidants, vitamin C, riboflavin, iron & niacin “Ginger Fever” supports your heart, reduces hypertension, prevents bladder infections, cleanses kidneys, helps con- trolling cholesterol and, packed with anti-inflamma- tory and antioxidant effects, gives you all the benefits of ginger for digestion, nausea, the flu and common colds. The ancient Egyptians, it is said, believed it to be an aph- rodisiac.

Jungle Juice

The Detarium Senegalense is a very healthy fruit, pack- ing vitamin C and ascorbic acid while containing cal- cium, iron, phosphate thi- amin, niacin and riboflavin flavin. Fruit pulp is used for the treatment of kidney pain, cough, rheumatism and abdominal pains.






From the young to the old, from the healthy to those who enjoy life to the full- est, “Moussa’s Bissap The Original” has a broad audi- ence thanks to its surprising, well-balanced and refreshing taste. Above all it is a healthy drink and by drinking it you support sustainable African family farming. Yay! !


Looking for the sensation of “Moussa’s Bissap The Original” with an extra bite? Serve yourself and your guests a refreshing “Ginger Fever” to spice up their non- alcoholic experience with a boost of African ginger. Made with care for the wild at heart. Roarrr!


Surprise yourself and your guests from the young to the old with this new unique flavour, healthy and super refreshing at any occasion. The perfect alternative for any smoothie, juice or lemonade.


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