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Our Contribution


Apart from providing you with a unique-tasting and healthy product, Moussa values respect for people and the environment. He works directly with local farmers and experts in Senegal, supporting a sustainable environmental approach while safe-guarding every step of the creation process in great detail. From the farming, picking and selection, over storage and transport to production and serving, Moussa guarantees you a mindful approach − generating benefits for all involved in the creation of these special drinks.


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Our Contribution
CONTRIBUTE WITH A GIFT! On this platform, you can buy a gift coupon of Moussa’s Bissap and choose your favourite place that you want to give this coupon to. Your favourite place will get the coupon and your personalised message write away! When better times come and your favourite place is open again, you can go there and have a free glass of Moussa’s Bissap by showing them your confirmation mail. This is a solidarity initiative developed by Moussa’s Bissap and Company Doctor with the purpose to help people contribute to the well being of our society and the local economy in the time of Corona crisis. The world is fighting against the virus and our economy is suffering from it. As we hope to win this war, we also must think about how will we stand up. A very important player in our economy, the Horeca sector and their partners have also encountered a huge strike from the consequences of the virus. Participating in their recovery is important for all of us. We thank you in advance for your support!