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Jungle Juice

Made from a wild fruit of African jungle





     Jungle Juice

While enjoying natural well water and the stories of four boys and the forest, its fruits and animals, Sanja tasted the fruit Moussa grew up with. Detarium Senegalense grows in the deepest wild of West Africa’s Casamance forests − an extraordinary hand- picked fruit she and you have never tasted before. In order for you to fully enjoy and experience this wonderful fruit, Moussa developed a singular way of handling it into a unique drink for the daring! If you listen closely, you can even hear the animals in the jungle!


Surprise yourself and your guests from the young to the old with this n

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        Jungle Juice

Surprise yourself and your guests from the young to the old with this new unique flavour, healthy and super refreshing at any occasion. The perfect alternative for any smoothie, juice or lemonade.

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        Your Health


The Detarium Senegalense is a very healthy fruit, pack- ing vitamin C and ascorbic acid while containing cal- cium, iron, phosphate thi- amin, niacin and riboflavin flavin. Fruit pulp is used for the treatment of kidney pain, cough, rheumatism and abdominal pains.


              Detarium Senegalense

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Looks like a banana kiwi smoothie, without the thick texture. Smells like cucum- ber and tastes like guava, pear, orange, melon, ap- ple … Endless connotations and possibilities. Discover it for yourself!

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