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The Original 

Cold or Warm

         About the Original


“Moussa’s Bissap The Original” is the perfect alternative for any alcoholic drink or sugary lemonade. With its well-balanced hibiscus and mint flavour it is as rich in drinking experience as it is refreshing and created from the best organic ingredients straight from the African continent with passion and care.
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         Why the Original


From the young to the old, from the healthy to those who enjoy life to the fullest, “Moussa’s Bissap The Original” has a broad audience thanks to its surprising, well-balanced and refreshing taste. Above all it is a great drink and by drinking it you support sustainable African family farming. Yay! !
                  TASTE PROFILE


Perfectly balanced between sweet and sour. Refreshing when served cold, heart- warming when served warm.

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A contribution to natural african family farming