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In Senegal, over 60% of all mango production goes to waste. That’s why we set up Ofrutti, a Senegalese company specialising in the production of dried mangoes, to combat food waste.

We harvest our mangoes from local, independent producers. Not only does this enable us to work with top-quality mangoes in a short circuit, but it also supports local production. In this way, our dried mangoes are produced in a sustainable and fair way, respecting both the environment and the small producers in the region.

We’re also proud that over 95% of our employees are women, whom we’ve trained and supported. This team is working on the creation of an elaborate recipe for dried mangoes, which allows our customers to discover unique flavours and enjoy an enriching culinary experience, while promoting their well-being.

At Ofrutti, our aim is to add value to local mangoes, reduce food waste and promote a sustainable and fair production model. Join us in this approach and discover the delicious experience of Ofrutti dried mangoes!



In addition to vitamins and fiber, dried mango also contains a variety of minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and zinc. These minerals play important roles in maintaining healthy bones, muscles, and overall bodily function.

Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g :

Valeurs énergétique 1323 kJ/313 kcal ; matières grasses 1,1g Dont acides gras saturés 0,55g ; glucides 68,3g Dont sucres 58,8g ; Fibres 10,2g protéines 2,3g ; sel 0,012g


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