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Why Choose

           Ginger Fever


      Looking for the sensation of “Moussa’s Bissap The Original” with an extra bite? Serve yourself and your guests a refreshing “Ginger Fever” to spice up their non- alcoholic experience with a boost of African ginger. Made with care for the wild at heart. Roarrr!


Perfectly balanced between sweet and sour. Refreshing when served cold, heart- warming when served warm. Always with a spicy bite at the end.



About the

        Ginger Fever

Following up on the succes of “The Original” was a challenge Moussa took without hesitation. As ginger pairs wonderfully well with hibiscus, creating “Ginger Fever” was a logic next step. Made with the best African ginger roots and carefully balanced, “Ginger Fever” is the perfect drink for those who like “The Original” with an extra bite of spiciness.


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